A family of fisher folk for more than fifty years, we make up three generations of "sea people" with the sea as our way of life but also livelihood! And it is precisely on this sea, on the marvelous Tyrrhenian of the Etruscan coast that the Bientinesi, Miserini, and Bacci families met, bringing to life one of the longest-living businesses in our area. The founder is Mery Bientinesi, who has sold fresh fish every morning for more than half a century from her marble counter in the historic fish shop that bears her name, still very active and part of the premises that include the restaurant run by grandsons Andrea and Francesco.
After WWII, Benito, Mery’s husband, fished from his rowboat along the waters of the coast, landing fresh fish to be sold by his wife, a treasure for hungry people rebuilding their lives.
Mery and Benito were blessed with Vally and Roberto. The girl helped her mother and studied, while her brother decided to dedicate his life to fishing, following in the wake of his father Benito.
Today, Roberto commands the "San Gregorio", a 16-meter fishing boat, the exclusive source of fish for Mery’s Ristopescheria.
Mery, together with Manuela, Roberto’s wife, sells fish in the morning at the shop, while Andrea and Francesco, sons of Vally and Piero, the third generation, have since 2009 been the guiding hands of the latest turn taken by the family, that of the restaurant.

Ristopescheria da Mery Viale Galliano 5 - 57023 CECINA MARE (LI)
Tel. 0586.620519 - 339.8488632 - 349.3111365